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Product - Heartland Products
Product - Heartland Products


Pasadena Pavilion - Heartland Products

Pasadena Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion to Make your Backyard Design Dreams Come True.

Crafted from factory stained, preserved pine, this outdoor pavilion is the perfect addition to any backyard. Pavilions can be great next to a patio, pool, garden or other entertainment area. With the Pasadena Pavilion, imagine having a glass of champagne with your friends as you watch the sunset. This outdoor pavilion is easy to install. Invite your friends over tonight for some fun and relaxation. The only challenge left is to get your friends to leave at the end of the night.
  • Crafted from factory stained, preserved pine
  • Resistant to rot, decay and insects
  • Perfect combination of sun and shade
  • Available as a ready to assemble kit
  • Fully-illustrated, step by step instructions
  • 10 year limited material warranty

Part# Description Lowes# Shingles (Not Included) Measurements Price Get This!
195501 10x12 Outdoor Pavilion 245379 6 bundles 10ft. x 12ft. x 8ft.9in. $1,359
Bayview Oval Gazebo - Heartland Products

Bayview Oval Gazebo

This Oval Gazebo Provides Lots of Room for Outdoor Entertaining

The Bayview oval gazebo is a modern and elegant oval shaped design that has plenty of room to entertain family and friends. You can even add flower boxes, cedar benches and tables. Gazebos are the perfect structure to have outdoor barbecues, family gatherings, photo-shoots and wedding ceremonies. This gazebo is perfect next to spa's, pools and gardens. Instead of traveling many miles for a vacation, build this oval gazebo right in your own backyard. After you finish, you might choose your own backyard as your favorite vacation destination.
  • Handcrafted from select tight knot cedar known for its’ natural beauty, durability and decay resistant qualities
  • Decorative spindle styling
  • Includes decorative metal cap with two wooden finials
  • 10-year limited material warranty
  • DIY oval gazebo kit with easy to read instructions
  • Oval shaped design
  • Available sizes: 10ft. x 14ft. and 12ft. x 16ft.
  • Screen kit keeps pesky insects out of your gazebo (optional accessory)diy oval gazebo

Part# Description Lowes# Measurements Shingles Stain(not included) Price Get This!
195006 Bayview 10x14 Oval Gazebo Without Floor 344345 10ft. x 14ft. x 9ft.6in. 7 bundles 2 gallons $2,899
195167 Bayview 10x14 Oval Gazebo With Floor 344352 10ft. x 14ft. x 9ft. 10in. 7 bundles 2 gallons $4,499
195051 Bayview 12x16 Oval Gazebo Without Floor 344357 12ft.4in. x 16ft. x 10ft.4in. 10 bundles 3 gallons $3,899
195211 Bayview 12x16 Oval Gazebo With Floor 344362 12ft.4in. x 16ft. x 10ft.8in. 10 bundles 3 gallons $6,299
Catalina Pergola - Heartland Products

Catalina Pergola

Pergolas Add Charm and Functionality to Any Outdoor Living Space

The Catalina Pergola will bring architectural interest to your backyard. Pine pergolas are ideal over hot tubs, decks and patios. After you finish building the pergola, just sit back and enjoy Mother Nature.
  • Crafted from factory-stained, preserved pine - known for it's natural beauty, durability and decay resistant qualities
  • 10-year limited material warranty
  • Decorative post caps and rafter ends
  • Provides perfect combination of sun and shade
pergolas delivered

Part# Description Lowes# Measurements Stain
(not included)
Price Get This!
195457 10x12 Pine Pergola 245309 10ft. x 12ft. x 8ft.9in. 1 gallon $1,099
Seaside Round Gazebo - Heartland Products

Seaside Round Gazebo

Expand your Outdoor Living Space with our Round Gazebos

The Seaside Round Gazebo offers a beautiful and affordable way to expand your outdoor living area. Handcrafted from select tight-knot cedar, the Seaside Round Gazebo is resistant to termites, rot and decay. Featuring unmatched quality and craftsmanship, our gazebos make your dreams of a beautiful and entertaining backyard destination a reality. This DIY gazebo kit comes with easy to follow instructions so you can spend more time enjoying your gazebo with your family and friends.
  • Handcrafted from select tight-knot cedar known for its’ natural beauty, durability and decay resistant qualities
  • Decorative spindle styling with metal cap and wooden finial
  • 10-year limited material warranty
diy round gazebo kit

Part# Description Lowes# Measurements Shingles
(not included)
(not included)
Price Get This!
199448 Seaside 10' Octagonal Gazebo without floor 344324 10ft. diameter x 9ft.6in. h 5 bundles 2 gallons $1,999
199431 Seaside 10' Octagonal Gazebo With Floor 344325 10ft. diameter x 9ft.10in. h 5 bundles 2 gallons $2,999
199486 Seaside 12' Round Gazebo Without Floor 344332 12ft.4in. diameter x 10ft.4in. h 8 bundles 3 gallons $2,679
199493 Seaside 12' Round Gazebo With Floor 344337 12ft.4in. diamter x 10ft.8in. h 8 bundles 3 gallons $4,459
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